Actividades y Excursiones

Actividades y Excursiones

Cultural and social activities, fun, and much more!

It’s not all about studying! Living in Spain also means going out to have fun ;) Our Spanish Courses include “Culture&Fun”, an enjoyable and interesting program of cultural activities and fun every week. Tours, parties, concerts, culture classes, dance classes, nature, adventure…

You will learn about Spanish culture while having fun and practicing Spanish with your friends. And let’s not forget the night life, of course!! ;)

MaUs Trips

We often organize weekend trips to exciting places in Spain for our students. You will discover monumental cities, small towns full of secrets, historic sites, incredible beaches, and have tons of fun practicing Spanish with your friends!!!

Some examples::

  • The ancient Muslim caliphate of Córdoba and Medina Azahara
  • The monumental Granada and its Alhambra, essential to Spanish history
  • The typical Andalusian town of Aracena and its cave of wonders
  • The Roman city of Itálica
  • Weekend of Carnival
  • Days at the beach
  • Weekend in a country house
  • Tarifa & its beach, of course!!!

Granada On Air in Sevilla from Maus School on Vimeo.